About Us

  • Confidence in Serving Excellence, Reliable and Qualified

  • Alfoaida History

    Established in 1397H (1977G) as Al Foadia Group General Trad'g, Contr'g & Industry is a 100% Saudi owned company.
    Served more than 100 Companies during the last 40 years covering all Business aspects for the Banking, Governmental, Private and Public sectors in Saudi Market.
    We recognize the need of doing business that utilizes organization and communication skills to provide better service’ experience
    We are a trusted leader in the service industry, earning our esteemed position by Consistently and persistently exceeding the expectations and demands
    We are one of the few trusted and valued Companies in the Kingdom that provides comprehensive services.
    We are commited to customer care and satisfaction. We have a 24/7 help desk to support our customer service.
    We implement and pursue a Total Quality Management Program (TQMP) in all activities with the help of a dedicated Total Quality Management Team, certified by ISO9001 2015 standards in our daily activities certified by UKAS.
    As a family business, AlFoadia’s key positions in Management, chaired by Al Jizawi family members dedicated towards client satisfaction and requirements.

    By recruiting, training and equipping a diverse group of dedicated, skilled and motivated professionals, we assure the finest service. We communicate effectively with our teams, conveying client concerns and we closely monitor progress performing regular inspections, we guarantee results. We also encourage our team to actively seek out new ways to improve service quality.

    About Alfoaida

    Ahmed Fouad AlJizawi founded Al Foadia in 1977 based on the core values of honesty, quality, teamwork, integrity and commitment. Today, the company’s reach is nation-wide and our people uphold its founder’s vision to provide valuable services to clients, build partnerships and deliver unmatched quality of service.

    Dedication to quality of service, hard work and responsiveness to clients’ needs are the company’s credo and behind our success in such a competitive market. Our ability to address changing conditions and demands, attract and serve diverse sectors and expand our services resulted in a growth far beyond our founder’ dreams.

    Al Foadia embraces knowledge and business development methods to improve efficiency and enhance client value. We provide general contracting, construction management and general trading services – delivering maximum return on investment to our clients across the kingdom.

    We take pride in our work and produce quality services and products that meets or exceed expectations.

    Our Vision & Core Values

    To be Saudi Arabia’s highest value provider of contracting and trading services.

    We feel that earning trust by doing what we say we’ll do is the only way to conduct business. As one of the prominent service provider in the country, AlFoadia is a known leader in many major market segments – governmental , healthcare , banking , commercial , telecommunication and retail

    We are honest the way we do business and the way we communicate to the world.
    We believe and strive to deliver Quality and this is what we promise, nothing less.
    We give human value to every individual we deal with - internally and externally.
    Our core spirit is to execute all we do with great excitement and enthusiasm. Our perseverance make us unique as a company, allowing us to deliver the best results now and in the future.