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(Janitorial Division)
The janitorial division at AL-Foadia Group puts down inclusive strategic plans that serve our development, ongoing staff training and rehabilitation plans. They are among the priorities for several facilities providing essential services to our customers within our group such as day-to-day cleaning services for office buildings, educational institutes, medical institutions, airport terminals and school buildings through an integrated system to provide specialty services using the most latest and finest technical equipments in the field in order to meet the needs of each customer with a primary goal of gaining their full satisfaction.

(Operation & Maintenance Division)
Our specialty operation and maintenance services do not stop at certain extent for all contracts delegated to us, yet we always strive to continue providing distinctive services to all customers. With our experienced technicians and engineers supported by the latest innovations technical tools, they draw plans to provide and complete necessary requirements as agreed. We provide a full range of on-site services such as electrical, energy, air-conditioning and heating maintenance works as well as plumbing, ventilation systems and the execution of all types of mechanical works related to commercial and industrial facilities control. In addition; we provide industry standard parts and equipment replacement / repairs to complete our customer satisfaction experience and increase our credibility.

(Landscaping & Pest Control Division)
AL-Foadia Group showed an impressive growth record in the fields of landscaping/ gardening and pest control which helped in building a healthy clean environment as well as in the development of public and private municipal facilities. A quality services that we aim to provide to our customers with the highest level in the field of environmental as per the needs?

Our mission includes the following:
1 - Lawn Design and installation of.
2 – Mowing, line trimming, grass maintenance and fertilizing.
3 – Pest control insects and rodents.
4 – Residential, commercial and public buildings flowerbeds coordination, trees care and fertilization.

(Electro-Mechanical Division)
The electro-mechanical division including our engineers and technicians has a great importance to our group. They are qualified to handle all electro-mechanical related works as being engaged in several government and private sector projects. In addition; of being involved in a number of commercial and residential building renovation projects. We carefully strive to select staff members who are appropriate to the nature of the project within the team to offer his expertise with professionalism and responsibility.
Some electrical activities involve the supply and installation of the following:

  1. Electrical cables and trays
  2. Electrical motors and fans
  3. Communication and conduit trays
  4. HV and LV panel boards

Some mechanical activities involve the supply and installation of the following:

  1. HVAC equipments and accessories
  2. Package, split and window type A/C units
  3. Boilers and auxiliary equipments and their maintenance
  4. All kinds of piping and works (hot & cold)
  5. Apply filters water reservoir purifying systems.

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