General Trading

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    Garment Factory

    To meet the business dress code demand, our manufacturing facility supplies work clothes and uniforms for both genders.
    Ready made Garments:

    • Medical and Hospital Uniforms & Linen
    • Hotel and Catering Uniforms & Linen
    • Safety & Security Uniforms

    Catering & Accessories Division

    Al Foadia Group represented by the catering and accessories division held by Al Foadia Group stand on solid ground in production services to meet customer’s demands in various sectors and levels from high-quality equipment and special custom made products according to the required colors and prints.

    Personal Protective Equipments Division

    One of businesses top concerns evolve around the protection and safety of their employees, therefore we offer safety protective equipment that conform the international standards, including:

    • Safety footwear boots
    • Welding face protective covers
    • Earplugs
    • Tapes
    • Anesthesia products
    • Safety helmets

    And many others, that are used for high-quality heavy-duty which made us confident to satisfy our customers.


    We work on providing the below materials for washrooms/toilets:

    • Healthy accessories
    • Comfortable and trouble free
    • Environmental friendly
    • Cost effective

    Washroom & Hygiene Products and Services:

    Toweling Cloths and Towel Dispensers:

    • Air Freshener Refills and Air Freshening Dispensers
    • Liquid Soap and Soap Dispensers
    • Warm Air Dryers

    Other Items:

    • Crockery & Cutlery
    • Food & Beverage Service utensils
    • Safety Shoes