Our Team

  • Our Team

    We have more than 3,000 employees, working across Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Our people bring technical knowledge, experience, and resourcefulness to deliver the best for our clients. Our people come from all different cultures of the world. Wisely selected, our rigorous staff selections procedures, in-house training and development programs, and reward structures ensure that we identify, attract and retain the best in the market.

    Organizational Structure

    Ahmed F. jizawi
    DY. Chairman
    Information Technology
    IT Solutions & Development
    IT Operations
    Consultancy Services
    Commericial Interiors & Exhibtions
    Director of Operation
    Operation Manager
    Operation Manager
    Tendering Section
    Logistics & Support
    Construction Manage
    Chief Projects Manager
    Project Engineers
    Public Relation Manager
    Financial Manager
    Chief Accountant
    Purchasing Dept
    Legal Advisor
    Sales & Marketing Manage
    Garments Factory In charge
    Quality Control Manager
    Training & Development
    Labour Relation
    Govt. Relation
    General Group Coordinator